• Dr. Schneider is a Qualified Forensic Psychologist able to render first opinions on sanity per the new statute, a statutory change which she helped enact.
  • Dr. Schneider has testified before the Colorado state Senate and House related to forensic mental health issues.
  • Double emphasis Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Psychology, Policy, & Law
  • Multiple Awards, Honors, and Scholarships
  • Fellowship in Clinical Psychology at Yale University’s School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
  • Fellowship in Forensic Psychology at University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Law & Psychiatry Program
  • Extensive Assessment and Courtroom Testimony Experience
  • Significant Experience Treating Individuals and Couples with a Range of Mental Health Issues
  • Authored Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals
  • Numerous Presentations to Clinical and Forensic Audiences
  • Chair of the Forensic Task Force for the Colorado Psychological Association
  • State Expert Qualified to Conduct Court Ordered Sanity and Competence to Proceed Evaluations
  • Consultant for the Military in Courts Martial.
  • Lecturer, U.S. Air Force Academy
  • Lecturer, Judge Advocate General (JAG) School, U.S. Military
  • Clinic associate and supervisor - University of Denver
Dr.Nicole Schnieider

Nicole Schneider, Ph.D.

My services are in high demand and contacting me far ahead of time is recommended.

(303) 974-0642


  • Expert consultant for the U.S. military during courts-martial
  • Advanced and specialized training in forensic mental health assessment (criminal and civil)
  • Clinic associate/supervisor at the University of Denver
  • Chair of the Forensic Task Force for the Colorado Psychological Association
  • Authored numerous articles, book chapters, and presentations.
  • Invited lecturer - U.S. Air Force Academy
  • Invited lecturer - Judge Advocate General (JAG) School
  • Clear, easy to understand testimony
  • Qualified many times as an expert in state, federal, and military courts
  • Consults for defense and prosecution equally