Clinical Psychology


Dr. Schneider has worked with individuals and couples from a wide range of backgrounds. She has treated serious mental illness as well as issues related to body image, self-worth, addictions, and relationship satisfaction. She also supervises doctoral students at the University of Denver's graduate school of professional psychology (GSPP) on their treatment cases, which range from severe trauma to substance use disorders. She tends to use a cognitive-dynamic approach to self-awareness and change in which she explores the thoughts and beliefs we hold that guide (sometimes in a maladaptive way) our behavior.

Whether you require long-term or brief psychotherapy, Dr. Schneider offers empathic, supportive, and change oriented clinical services informed by the psychological literature. She was trained at the University of Arizona and Yale University’s School of Medicine in a variety of clinical approaches and uses an integrative approach to therapy that is specific to the needs of each client.

She has worked with men and women, young and older adults, individuals and couples, serious mental illness and brief adjustment disorders, and has excellent training in a variety of treatment approaches based on the individual and the presenting concerns. Dr. Schneider also provides clinical supervision to University of Denver doctoral students.

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