• Qualified Forensic Psychologist per the new statute, a statutory change which she helped enact.
  • Dr. Schneider has testified before the Colorado state Senate and House related on forensic mental health issues.
  • Double emphasis Ph.D.: Clinical Psychology & Psychology, Policy, & Law
  • Multiple Awards, Honors, and Scholarships
  • Fellowship: Yale University’s School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
  • Fellowship: University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Law & Psychiatry Program
  • Extensive Assessment and Courtroom Testimony Experience including capital and non-capital murder cases
  • Significant Experience Providing Clinical Treatment to Individuals & Couples
  • Authored Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals
  • Numerous Presentations to Clinical and Forensic Audiences
Dr.Nicole Schnieider

Nicole Schneider, Ph.D.

Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Schneider's services are in high demand. It is recommended that attorneys and legal offices contact her as far in advance as possible to retain her services.

Office Line: (303) 974-0642

Email: coloradoforensicpsychology@gmail.com

CV available upon request

  • Chair: Forensic Task Force, Colorado Psychological Association
  • Qualified to Conduct Court Ordered Evaluations
  • Expert consultant for the U.S. military during courts-martial all over the world
  • Specialized training in forensic mental health assessment (criminal & civil)
  • Clinic associate/supervisor at the University of Denver
  • Authored numerous articles, book chapters, and presentations.
  • Invited lecturer - U.S. Air Force Academy
  • Invited lecturer - Judge Advocate General (JAG) School
  • Clear, easy to understand testimony
  • Qualified many times as an expert in state, federal, & military court
  • Consults for defense and prosecution equally
  • Consultant for television and print news media